3D anaglyph photos

I found some instructions for making 3D anaglyphs (the pictures you need to wear glasses with different-colored lenses to see) on Photoshop here, so this has become my latest nerdy hobby (you PC users can also use the free program Callipygian 3D to make 3D pictures--see the instructions here). To view these you need 3D glasses, but you can get a free pair from this company by sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope (they won't record your address to put you on a mailing list or anything--I emailed them and asked about this, to allay my mom's worries). Just make sure that in your note you ask for a pair of red/cyan glasses, not red/blue glasses, 'cause you need the amazing powers of CYAN to see color anaglyphs. Besides my page, 3D glasses come in handy for seeing a bunch of other stuff on the web, like some of the pictures from the Mars rovers...I've listed a few of these pages in the "3D links" section at the bottom.

Pictures taken with 3D camera
Pictures taken with digital camera
Movie/TV scenes converted to 3D
3D links

Pictures taken with 3D camera:

(I got the camera from here)

Random shots from around Providence

Carrie Tower at Brown
Downtown Providence
Bridge at WaterPlace Park
Birds on bridge
Biltmore Hotel as seen from the mall
Downtown from the mall
Soldiers Arch at Brown
Brown's computer science building
Sculpture in front of CS building
Two pictures of H.P. Lovecraft's house
Four pictures from Prospect Terrace, overlooking the city
A steep street I lived on one summer at Brown

A few self-portraits

Self-portrait #1
Self-portrait #2
Me as a vampire, or possibly a velociraptor
Who loves ya, baby?

Pictures from trip to Boston

These are some pictures I took on a trip up to Boston to visit my friend Hanna.

2 pictures from inside the chinese restaurant where we ate
Hanna pretending to be enthusiastic about her soup
Hanna showing off keen new 3D glasses
Some pictures from a Chinese store we investigated
Me advertising "Shark" energy drink
Hanna and me at a bar

3D pictures made taking side-by-side pictures with digital camera:

Initial experiments with 3D portraits

The magical world of 3D
Profile in 3D
I am confused and disoriented by the third dimension
"what th-?!?"
Complete bafflement gives way to mild puzzlement
My dad in 3D
My mom in 3D

3D images made from pairs of movie/TV frames

If you have a scene on a DVD where the camera is panning sideways while the characters onscreen are keeping fairly still, then you can use nearby frames as the left eye/right eye parts of a single 3D picture. Sometimes there'll be a few parts of the scene that were moving so they'll show up as double images (or just look like they're at the wrong depth), but this technique works pretty well if you find a good scene. My computer won't do screen grabs from DVDs, but I made a bunch of these while I was at my parent's house serving jury duty, I'll probably add some more next time I go back there.

Back to the Future, BTTF II, BTTF III
Blade Runner
Futurama Season 1
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Ye olde stereoviews

After making some 3D photos of my own, I figured I could use the same technique to convert old stereoviews (3D pictures that were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s) into anaglyphs too. Some of these I got from pictures people posted on eBay auctions, and some I scanned from the books California in Depth and The Civil War in Depth (I figure this is OK since the copyright has expired on the pictures themselves).

New York stereoviews:
Broadway from above, 1903
Dining at the Hotel Astor
Crowds at Coney Island beach
New York from above
The Empire State Building from above
Wall Street
The Brooklyn Bridge
Fifth Avenue #1
Fifth Avenue #2
Amherst (my hometown) stereoviews:
An Amherst College building in the 1870s
Overlooking part of Amherst
An Amherst street
Amherst Common in the 1870s
Congregational Church
Grace Church
Main St. in the late 1870s
Some dude overlooking part of Amherst
Argentina stereoviews:
Alta Gracia, Argentina
Buenos Aires government buildings from the balcony of the Bourse
Parade in Palermo Park, Buenos Aires
California stereoviews:
Beach near Cliff House
Guy wading in ocean with Cliff House in background
Driving through big tree in Mariposa Grove
Entrance to Dante's Inferno
Train making rest stop at Cape Horn
Inside a Silver Palace train car
Grass Valley, a gold rush town
Weighing quicksilver at a mercury mine
Class photo at Mills Seminary
San Francisco fire engine
Sewing circle
Town Parade in Sonora
Train tracks on a steamer
Turn of the century grade school
Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir in Yosemite
Norton I, first Emperor of the U.S.
Lincoln stereoviews:
President-elect Lincoln in 1861
Lincoln's 1861 inauguration, with Capitol building still being constructed
Lincoln in 1863
Standing shot of Lincoln in 1863
Lincoln in 1864
Lincoln profile, 1864
Lincoln with son Tad, 1864
Lincoln after haircut, 1865
Photo from Lincoln's last sitting in 1865
Lincoln's box seat at Ford's Theater
Lincoln's funeral in Columbus, Ohio
Other random stereoviews:
Some hardened criminals examining the loot of their latest victim, 1902
Thomas Edison
Mark Twain
Coronation of King Edward VII in 1902
London Bridge
Women inspecting paper in Holyoke factory
Teddy Roosevelt's inauguration in 1905
Steam-powered engine at a Mill in Nevada

3D Links

Mars rover pictures
More Martian pics (updated regularly)
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A few more electron microscope pics
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Anachrome 3D (scroll to bottom of page for gallery)
Media55 3D galleries
Landmarks 'n' scenic views
Pictures from the Alps
Thailand pictures
Dr. Imre Zsolnai-Nagy's pics
Hippies having fun at the Burning Man festival
Stereographic gallery from American Museum Congo expedition, 1909-1915
25 stereoviews from the California Museum of Photography
100 stereoviews from the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, 1915
The 4th dimension made E-Z: an interactive 3D "shadow" of a spinning 4D hypercube
Kevin Price's World's Best 3D

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