Annotations: I think the boycott was for the sake of the workers at our dining hall, but I don't really remember/care. Dan McClutchy had just been appointed co-captain of the football team, and there was a controversy about that because he had beat up a gay RISD student a few years back, and the other new co-captain had beat up a bunch of people in a fight at the old "Spats" bar. Anyway, given this guy's gay-bashing I thought it would be funny to portray him as a leather dude, but the editors said I couldn't use his name like that, so in the version that appeared in print "football co-captain Dan McClutchy" was changed to "disguised football captain". This made the joke less funny, but I probably have the editors to thank that he didn't track me down and beat the shit out of me. You guys get to see the director's cut, though.