Brown Jug cartoons

These are some cartoons I did for Brown's humor magazine, The Brown Jug (formerly known as 'Exit 20'), mostly during my post-senior years when I was putting off finishing my thesis. Most of these were covers, along with two pieces for the magazine's semiannual comics issue--the short but sweet "Superheroes/Villains" and the very long "Wonderfrog", an earlier superhero parody I did for Exit 20 that ended up being kind of cheesy although it had some funny moments.

His/Hers Issue front cover
His/Hers Issue back cover
--His/Hers Issue, December 2001

--Brown Jug Comics Issue, May 2001

Pretension Issue cover
--The "We're Better Than You" Issue, April 2001

Confusion Issue cover
--Confusion Issue, Octember 2000

Wonderfrog page 1
Wonderfrog page 2
Wonderfrog page 3
Wonderfrog page 4
Wonderfrog page 5
Wonderfrog page 6
Wonderfrog page 7
Wonderfrog page 8
Wonderfrog page 9
Wonderfrog page 10
--Exit 20 Comics Issue, March 1997