Snow Angels

One cold and snowy morning the phone rang at Zivia's house. It was her friend Barbie who said, "Zivia, I am so excited me and my sister Bibi just bought beautiful new snow suits". "Wow, what a coincidence my mommy and I just went shopping yesterday and I also have a beautiful brand new snow suit!" exclaimed Zivia. Barbie asked, "What does yours look like?" Zivia answered, "Mine is so pretty - it is pink and has matching boots and a pretty hat with fur". Barbie said, "I don't believe it - - it sounds like ours look exactly like yours! Where did you buy yours?" Zivia said, "We bought my snowsuit at Marshalls". Barbie said, "I don't believe it we got ours at Marshalls too! We went their yesterday afternoon". "We must have just missed you - - we went right after lunch," said Zivia.

Barbie then asked Zivia what she was going to do that day. Zivia told her that she did not have much planned aside from working on a few projects at home. Barbie said, "How about me, you, and Bibi all go do something together in our matching snowsuits?" Zivia told her that that sounded great. Barbie said, "We will be over in 10 minutes".

Barbie and Bibi zoomed over to Zivia's house in Barbie's new pink car. Barbie had just gotten her drivers license. The first thing that they all did was put on their snowsuits. Sure enough all three suits looked exactly the same. They all laughed and thought that was really funny. Then Bibi said, "Come on you guys lets do something fun in our snowsuits - - How about we go to the reservation and take a walk in the woods?" They all agreed that a trip to the reservation was a great idea and they were on their way.