Everyone was so worried, Zivia had promised Leonardo that they would have four girls in beautiful pink matching snowsuits by the next afternoon. Zivia's mommy said, "I have an idea, I will call Delaney. She is the manager of the Marshalls near where we live. I shop there quite a bit. Maybe she can help". Zivia's mom then called Delaney and explained the situation. Delaney said, "Mrs. Berkowitz, you are one of our best customers. Don't worry about a thing. I will send you one more snowsuit by Airmail - - overnight delivery. Just tell me Yana's size."

That night all four girls slept at the Hotel in their own room. They were so excited that they had trouble settling down to sleep. Finally, Zivia's dad came into the room and told them a very long story about a Halloween costume contest. This helped them all calm down and fall asleep.

The next day the snowsuit was delivered to the Hotel early in the morning. Yana tried it on and it was a perfect fit. After breakfast they went to the movie studio. They were all amazed by what they saw. The inside of the studio was huge and somehow someone had built what looked like the top of a big mountain. The mountain was covered with white stuff that looked like snow - - but it was warm and it was not melting. The mountain even had a real ski lift on it. The director explained that the snow was not real - - it was actually made with tiny pieces of plastic. Barbie's dad said, "I don't believe it - - everything looks so real. They can do anything in Hollywood!"

The girls then learned about their role in the movie. It was going to be an action movie for grown-ups. In their scene five very mean teenage boys would chase them. It sounded kind of scary but when they met the boys who would be chasing them they were all so very nice. They all laughed and played together while they were waiting for the make-up artists to arrive.