When the make up artists arrived the boys went into one room and the girls into a different room. The artists fixed all the girls hair and put special make-up on their faces. When they looked in the mirror they could not believe how beautiful they looked. Then all four girls put on their beautiful matching pink snowsuits and they were ready for action.

Meanwhile the make-up artists were giving the boys a different look. They had a special treatment that made their faces look really mean - - filled with awful scars and dirt. When the girls saw the boys faces they could not believe how ugly and scary they looked. Yana got so scared that she almost started to cry. Bibi, who was very brave reminded her that the boys were really very friendly and nice and that it was only pretend.

The movie scene went really well. Zivia, Bibi, Barbie, and Yana did a great job running down the fake mountain and screaming in pretend terror as the scary looking boys chased them on skis. Just as the boys were about to catch the girls Leonardo DiCaprio jumped down from the ski lift and knocked all the boys over so that the girls could run to safety.

Everyone had so much fun. Leonardo thanked the girls for coming all the way to California to help with the movie. He said that he thought everyone would love the movie when it was all finished and that he expected that it would be an even bigger hit than his last big hit "Catch Me if You Can".


OK Zivia - - Time for Bed.