When they got to the reservation everyone was looking and smiling at the three girls with their matching beautiful pink snowsuits. Zivia said, "Come on, let's take a walk in the woods" and off they went. After a few minutes of walking they all heard a noise that sounded like - arrooo, arrooo, arrooo! They froze in their tracks - it was kind of a spooky sound. Bibi who was the bravest said, "Lets go see what it is". Barbie and Zivia looked at each other and Barbie said, "I don't think we can stop Bibi so we do not have a choice - we have to follow her". The further they walked the louder the sound became....ARROOO, ARROOO, ARROOO. Barbie shouted, "I know, it must be a fish!" Bibi said, "Don't be silly Barbie - - fish don't make noises!" Barbie answered, "Don't be so sure - - the noise is coming from the lake".

The walked down to the edge of the lake and looked out toward the middle. They could not believe what they saw - a dog was standing on a small piece of ice in the lake. The ice was surrounded completely by water. The dog was trapped and the noise that they heard was the dog crying. The dog looked like it was so cold and its teeth were chattering. Zivia said, "We have got to do something; if we don't rescue this dog quickly it will freeze to death!" None of the three girls could think of a way to bring the dog safely to the shore - -they felt helpless. Then Zivia shouted, "I know, we can ask my Uncle John he can fix anything, he'll know how to solve our problem -- Barbie give your cell phone!".