Zivia knew Uncle John's # by heart. She dialed the number and luckily Uncle John was home. Uncle John listed carefully as Zivia explained the situation. Uncle John then asked three questions, "How thick is the ice?", "How big is the dog?", and "How far away is the dog from the shore?". Zivia answered as best as she could. Uncle John was quiet for a minute then he said, "Okay - - I've got it. All you need is a homespike and some rope. Attach the homespike to the rope and throw it onto the ice. When the spike hits the ice it will get stuck - then you can pull the chunk of ice and the dog to the shore. I am sure that it will work".

Zivia relayed Uncle John's solution to Barbie and Bibi. Barbie said, "That is a great idea - - but we don't know where we can find a rope or a homespike". Zivia still had Uncle John on the line - - so she told him their problem. Uncle John said, "No problem, you can get to Home Depot in 10 minutes, you'll be able to buy rope and a homespike there".

"Home Depot here we come!" shouted Zivia, Barbie and Bibi. As they started to run off the dog started crying louder then ever. AROOOO AROOOO!!! Bibi said, "You guys wait here - - I went to McDonalds earlier and bought chicken McNuggets and a cheeseburger. I did not eat the cheeseburger. I'll go get it and give it to the dog. Eating some food will warm him up a bit and he'll know that we are his friends and that we are going to come back and help him". Bibi ran to the car as fast as she could and quickly returned with the burger. She made a perfect throw and it landed right at the dog's feet. The dog gobbled down the burger and seemed to relax. He wagged his tail a little, stopped shivering, and laid down comfortably. Barbie yelled, "Don't worry little doggie we'll be back!".