Barbie drove to Home Depot as quickly as she could. Fortunately, she did not get a speeding ticket. Once the girls got inside Home Depot they found the manager and all started shouting at the same time, "!" The manager said, "Please, calm down...what is the matter?". Barbie took a deep breath and explained the situation to the manager. After hearing the story, the manager said, "Oh my God, that is an emergency...I love dogs....don't move I'll be right back with rope and a homespike". The manager ran off. He was back in one minute with a homespike and rope. He handed the items to Bibi and said don't worry about paying...its free today. You girls are heroes. As they were about to leave he handed Zivia a bag of dog biscuits. He said, "I am sure that the dog will enjoy munching on these after you rescue him".

After the girls left the store, the manager called his friend Earl who is the boss at the Montclair Times newspaper. Earl picked up the phone and the manager told him what was happening and suggested that he send a reporter to the reservation to cover the story. Earl said, "Three girls in beautiful matching pink snowsuits rescuing a dog...I am not sending a reporter...I am going to go there myself...I have to see this!" He got in his car and raced toward the reservation.

As Earl arrived he saw the girls running into the woods. They were so easy to spot in their pink snowsuits. He followed them with his camera in his hand.

Zivia, Barbie, and Bibi raced to the lake. When they arrived the dog stood up and barked. He was wagging his tail and was not crying any more. He was shivering again -- and a lot. They knew they had to rescue him quickly or it would be too late. Bibi attached the homespike to the rope just as Uncle John had suggested.