Barbie took the first throw...unfortunately the spike landed in the water well short of the dog and the ice. They would need a much longer throw to complete the rescue. Bibi went next, her throw was also way too short. Zivia then said, "Okay my turn". Barbie said, "No Zivia, sorry we don't have any time to spare. You are too little!" Barbie then took another try - again the home spike landed well short of the target. Then Bibi took another try. This time she let out a load grunt as she threw the home spike with all of her might. All three girls looked scared and sad as they watched spike splash in the water 20 feet short of the dog and the ice. Zivia said, "Barbie, please let me take a try. I have been doing dance class and gymnastics and eating spinach, my muscles are getting really strong". Barbie said, "Go ahead, while you are throwing Bibi and I will rest our muscles. Zivia grabbed the spike and the rope and wound up like a windmill. She let go at just the right moment and the homespike sailed through the air and landed smack in the middle of the ice! Just as Uncle John said, the spike dug into the ice. Now it would just be a matter of pulling the dog to safety.

They grabbed the rope and started to pull. The ice and dog were very heavy - - even with all three girls pulling as hard as they could the ice hardly moved. Finally after 20 minutes of hard work the dog reached the shore. He jumped into Zivia's arms. He was shivering like crazy and Zivia tried to keep him warm by holding him tightly against her snowsuit.

All three girls raced to the car. After they got in the car Zivia called her daddy on the cell phone. She told him that they would be home in a couple of minutes and that they were all freezing - - especially the dog.