When they got home Zivia's daddy had a nice fire burning in the fireplace. He gave each of the girls a steaming cup of hot chocolate and the dog a nice bowl of warm water. After a little while they all fell much better. The dog munched happily on the dog biscuits from Home Depot.

Barbie noticed that the dog had a collar with a tag. They read the tag and learned that the dog was named Bunchy and the tag listed a phone #. Zivia said, "We better call and let Bunchy's owner know that he is safe and sound". Zivia dialed the number and an old lady with an Italian accent and answered the phone. She was crying as talked. She said, "Pleasa donta bother me. Imma so sad -- mama mia!!!" "Excuse me," Zivia asked, "Do you have a dog named Bunchy?" The lady started wailing - -- "Ohhhhh my Bunchy!!! I losta my Bunchy!!!!!" Zivia said, "You can stop crying. We found Bunchy he is safe and sound". "Oh ma god....a where did a you a find a him?" asked the lady. "We found him in the reservation," Zivia answered. The lady said, "Oh my, thatsa the lasta place I had a him. He chasa the squirral and I never see him again, my Bunchy!!! Can you pleasa bring a him to me right away?" Zivia said, "Sure we will bring him right over".