Zivia, Barbie, Bibi, and Bunchy piled back into Barbie's car. Bibi said, "Bunchy we are bringing you home". They arrived at Bunchy's house and rang the doorbell. The door opened and all three girls almost fainted when standing at the entrance to Bunchy's home was the famous movie actor Leonardo DiCaprio. After what seemed like a very long time Zivia finally spoke. She said, "Mr. DiCaprio, what are you doing here?" I did not know that you lived in Montclair?" Leonardo DiCaprio said, "Please, call me Leo, and actually I don't live in Montclair, this is my Nauna's house. I came to stay with her because she was so sad about losing Bunchy. We try and keep it a secret that she is my Nauna so that people don't bother her. Things are not always so easy for us very famous people". Leonardo then said, "Girls, please come in, I know that Nauna will want to thank you herself".

The girls and Bunchy followed Leonardo into the house. Bunchy and Nauna were so happy to see each other. Nauna was crying with happiness and Bunchy was licking all of the tears right off her face. After the happy reunion Barbie, Bibi, and Zivia told Leonardo and his Nauna the whole story of how they found and rescued Bunchy. When they finished the story Nauna said, "Leo, these a girlsa are like a Angles". Leonardo said, "I agree 100%!". Then Leonardo asked, "How would you girls like to be in a movie? We are doing an action skiing moving and you would be perfect with your beautiful matching pink snowsuits". Barbie said, "Leo, of course we would - - -that would be so cool!". "Wait," Zivia then asked, "Leo, are you sure that your not teasing us?" Leonardo answered, "Are you crazy - - you rescued Bunchy and made my Nauna so happy - - I could not possibly tease you. Besides you'll be perfect for the movie". He gave them a phone number and said have your parents call this #. If its okay with them you and your families will all be on their way to Hollywood California in two weeks".