What a day it had been! So much had happened and none of it ever would have occurred if it were not for their beautiful matching pink snowsuits.

The next day at school Zivia told all the kids in her class about her incredible day. Zivia was surprised when the kids starting teasing her and laughing. Some of the boys started singing "Zivia's telling tales...Zivia's telling tales" over and over. Zivia was about to start crying when she heard her teacher say in a very loud voice, "Has anybody seen today's Montclair Times?" Everybody turned and looked at the teacher who was holding a newspaper up over his head with both hands. On the very front page there was a big picture of Barbie, Bibi, and Zivia pulling Bunchy to shore with the rope. The headline above the picture read, "Snow Angels Rescue Beloved DiCaprio Pet". Needless to say no accused Zivia of "telling tales" after that.

Of course Zivia's parents and Barbie and Bibi's parents thought that it would be great for their kids to be in a movie with the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. In two weeks they all flew to California in an airplane. When they arrived Leonardo DiCaprio greeted them at the airport. The first thing that he wanted to know was if all the girls remembered to pack their snowsuits.

They checked into a lovely hotel right next to the studio where they would be filming the movie. The girls were so excited. The weather was really warm and they were all wondering how they could make a skiing movie in such a warm place.