That night the phone rang and Zivia answered it. It was Leonardo, he sounded very worried. He said that there was a change to the script and they would definitely need one more girl in a beautiful pink snowsuit to be in the movie and that they needed to start filming in two days. Zivia said, "Don't worry Leo, I'll call my friend Yana. She lives in California". Leonardo said, "That is great....but we need you to all have matching snowsuits". Zivia asked, "Do they have Marshalls in California?" "Of course!" Leonardo answered. Zivia said, "Great, I promise that we will take care of everything tomorrow".

The next morning Zivia's mommy called up Yana's mommy, Ilka, on the telephone. After what seemed like hours on the telephone she finally hung up. Zivia asked eagerly, "Can she do it? Will Yana be in the movie with us?" Zivia's mommy said, "Yes, and she is so excited. We need to pick them up right away and get to Marshalls and get one more snowsuit".

Yana was so happy to see Zivia, Barbie and Bibi. It had been a long time since they last saw each other. Yana had gotten so tall that Zivia almost did not recognize her. When they got to Marshalls they went to the spot in the store where the snowsuits were supposed to be and instead of snowsuits there was a big display with surfboards. Barbie's mommy asked the manager where they kept the snowsuits. The manager started laughing and said, "Snowsuits in Southern California - - we would never sell any. Don't you know it never gets cold here?"