Some random winter 2003/2004 pictures

Lilo, the pitiless predator stalking the arctic wastes
Alma, getting ready to depart for Minnesota
Pictures of Alma and me standing on balcony and contemplating the riddles of existence
My mom and dad outside Louis' Restaurant in Providence
Me and my mom outside Louis'
Me and my dad outside Louis'
Self-portrait taken with brand-spankin' new digital camera
Mug shot #2, side view
Three self-portraits of me standing near window

Disneyworld trip -- November 2003

We decided to take a family trip while Alma was home for her winter break, and since we're all suckers for the magical cheesiness of Disneyworld, that seemed like a good place to go.

Outside Cinderella's castle
Me at Tomorrowland
Alma at Tomorrowland
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
Some pics of Alma and me at Epcot
The magic of perspective
An ibex or something at Animal Kingdom
Hangin' with a hadrosaur
Alma, me, and a Struthiomimus
Me and Alma in front of Swan & Dolphin Hotel
Some other Disney pics taken by my dad:
Me and Alma in front of Epcot
A big bird we spotted by the river on our way back from Epcot
Me and Alma by the Swan Hotel (3 pics)

California trip -- October 2003

Here are some pictures from a trip I made to visit my friend Sandy, who's at Pepperdine Law School in Malibu. Unfortunately I didn't get around to taking pictures until the end of the trip, and most of the ones that I took on the Pepperdine campus came out bad because I wasn't familiar with advanced photographic principles like "not shooting people with their backs to the sun" and "not taking pictures from so far away you can't make out the person's face". Oh well, here are the ones that didn't come out too terrible:

Sandy strikes a pose (too dark)
Pics of Sandy/me/Sandy&James by law school sign (too far away)
Pretty decent picture of Sandy
Apocalyptic sky
Me at In-N-Out burger

Canada trip -- August 2003

These are from a roadtrip to Canada I made with my dad, my sister Alma, her boyfriend Mike, and my mom (who just came to Montreal with us but didn't come along for the rest of the trip). As usual I didn't get too many pictures, but here are a few I took along with some Mike took on his nifty digital camera:

Me and Alma by the ocean
Patriotic Alma
Dad, Alma and me on Canusa Ave.
I approve of Roosevelt's house
Alma and I present: the Campobello Island Map

Random winter 2002 pics

Most of these I took because I wanted to finish the roll so I could develop the last of the Italy pictures...

Lilo, our new cat
Polaroid of me attempting to tie a tie
Profile of me on balcony
Alma on the balcony
Alma with the cats

Italy trip -- October 2002

In 2002 Alma was studying abroad in Italy, so in October my parents and I took a trip to visit her...we first went to Venice, then Florence, and finally stayed in Rome for a few days, where Alma was living...

Alma and Venice cat
I illustrate the sights of Venice
Venice battle royale
Alma and Mom in Venice
Alma on Venice canal bridge
Alma and Mom in Florence
Alma and Dad in front of hills of Florence
Alma, Florence hills, and some castle-thing
Dante's crib
Me in front of the Pantheon
Me in front of some ruins
Mom outside the Coliseum
Giving the gladiators the verdict
Dad on the Vatican street
Me and Mom at the Vatican

Visit to Sandy in France -- Fall 2000

Some photos from a trip I took to visit Sandy when she was studying abroad in France.

Sandy on a French street
Two pictures of Sandy outside Versailles
Sandy in Versailles courtyard
A few pics of us in front of the Versailles garden